Frequently Asked Questions


To verify your account, simply drop us an email at You will receive our confirmation email in three working days, after which you will be granted access to our platform.
After you create the machine listing, you will find a publish section at the top right corner of each machine’s page. You will require credits to publish your listings, for a minimum of one week. To help you get started, you will be issued 200 credits upon verification of your account.
i1Machines is currently free to use. Moving forward, use of the platform will be charged on a subscription basis.
Currently, you can request for additional credits by dropping us a mail at Credits will be issued on a case by case basis. In future, additional credits can be purchased for users who wish to have more than 20 active listings.
Credits will be issued on a month by month basis. All unused credits will not be carried forward. This is to prevent spam and misuse of the portal from users accumulating credits.
You can send your request to for upgrades or additional features.
You can send a report to with a description of your experience, along with supporting links/evidence. We will investigate the report and follow up with necessary actions if the claim is legitimate.
i1Machines is designed to be an open marketplace. All verified users have access to the listings of all other users. As we have a stringent check before verifying users, rest assured that only legitimate and credible businesses can see your listings, and your contact information.

Buying / Selling

No, we do not charge any transaction or service fees for the sale of machines
You copy-paste the name of the machines or provide him with the URLs (web links) of each listing via our chat. This will provide a clear checklist for both parties.
Drop us an email at with details of the machine. We will contact our network and get back to you as soon as we find a potential match.
Drop us an email at with details of the machine. We will contact our network and get back to you as soon as we find a potential match.
If the seller has not responded to your mails or your calls after 72 hours, drop us an email at with the seller’s user information, and when and how did you attempt to contact the seller. We will follow up and check if the seller is active. All inactive and uncontactable accounts are temporarily suspended until further actions by the users.
No, we do not. We do not impose a transaction fee for the purchase of machines.
You are free to liaise with the interested parties via our chat or by email. In future, we will be launching the i1Machines e-rental system, and you will be able to process, finalise, and transact rental requests on our platform.